PC Gamer UK - #144, January 2005, Page 113

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Gate 88

All your gates belong to us

Gate 88 is to Asteroids what the Taj Mahal is to Lego. It's a top-down shooter with remarkable depth, but it's not just the shooting: there's territory to grab, factories to deploy, fleets to build. And people to kill, because, brilliantly, this is a multiplayer game. No stale bots to blaze away at as you carry on with territorial thieving.

You start out with just a base and a ship. The ship doubles as a power plant, so you need to build the factories from scratch in its sphere of influence.

Choosing what to make and where to place it is hugely important for your mission, particularly when push comes to shove and the battles commence.

Fighting is simple, frantic, and with deployable fleets of fighters at your disposal its as twitchy as hell. There's a real skill in balancing the raucous action and tending to your base . Particularly when there's more than one fleet on your case.

Asteroids transformed into an RTS. Still frantic.

Thanks to Cup of Squirrels for the pic. If anyone can provide a cleaner scan, please mail me at: jon.mak@queasygames.com.