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The new version (dated Feb20/05) is now available for download!

Major changes include:

  • Alliances:
    Pressing "f" allows you to ally with other players. Along with being immune to allied fire, you get a 20% boost from your allies' factories and ressearch labs. In addition, you also score every point that your allies score. Be careful though, alliances can be broken in a second and you don't want to be on the wrong end of a backstab.

    Pressing "y" allows you to private message players.
  • Graphics Update:
    Gate 88 gets a make-over with harmonious (customizable) colours and new entity models. New background styles inspired by cities have also been added and can be selected via the video settings menu.
  • Server Voting
    It is now possible to vote for various actions in a multiplayer game. Simply say the command in chat to vote.
    !extendvote to extend the game for 5 minutes
    !restartvote to restart the round
    !vote idvote to kick the player having the ID number "id"
    !listlist players' ID numbers
  • Others
    • Late-joiners get resource and research boost depending on the least upgraded player
    • Customizable practice mode settings
    • Mass driver turret is now a beam weapon (works better overall)
    • Fighters are more powerful
    • Awards given at end of round
    • Regen fires faster and you can regenerate fighters + bombers up to 2.5 times past the max HP
    • The network code and game code have been optimized to perform better.

The gameplay has been heavily tweaked with all details described in the full changelog for this version.


The new version (dated dec5/04) is now available for download!

Major changes include:

  • Integrated Lobby Chat:
    You can now enter the Gate 88 chatroom from within Gate 88 by pressing "F1" (reconfigurable) at any time. There is also functionality to see who is currently playing and to request players for multiplayer games. Go into the 3rd and 4th pages of the lobby chat window and set the options (use left and right arrow keys to move between pages).
  • New Background Styles:
    Gate 88 gets a graphical face lift with new and interesting backgrounds. Choose the different backgrounds from within the video settings menu.
  • Fixed the Hit Registration Bug:
    A small bug was found in the net-code which caused shots/bullets to not register. The problem was especially noticeable to players with less than stellar network connections. To put it into perspective, North American players connected to a European server would have their shots not register almost ALL the time! Of course this goes for European players connecting to North American servers too (not to mention players on dial-up).
  • Kick Command for Servers
    You can now kick a player by typing:

    kick _id_

    where _id_ is the player's id. You can get the id by typing the command:


Barring any major catastrophe, the next version will contain new gameplay updates.

Note to linux players: the can now be run from any directory. Thanks laStat from #gate88 for the help.

Full changelog for this version.


Welcome to the new, extra spiffy home of Gate 88. If you spot any problems with the site, please post them in the forums. Thanks!

A new update will be released shortly. This includes a tightly integrated chat client that connects directly to #gate88. And the game gets a face-lift with some new interesting backgrounds.

But what about the gameplay!?!?

I hear you, I hear you. Rest assured Gate 88 is still all about the gameplay and tons of those updates are on the way. I'm just a little tied down because of this.

  • Our new forum administrator, Kiyobi, has done an excellent job touching up the forums. Go check it out!.
  • New version released!
    Scroll down and grab it from the downloads section. Major changes include:
    • Customizable controls for keyboard and gamepad
    • Key repeat (eg. while chatting, you can hold onto backspace to erase now)
    • Various bug fixes
    Full list of changes are in the change log.
    Note: Sorry for a rather uneventful update, but this was actually ready since last week. I couldn't release it because my linux hard-drive died (!). Fortunately no source was lost, but I still had to find a new hard-drive.
  • New version released!
    Scroll down and grab it from the downloads section. Major changes include:
    • Dedicated server now uses much less CPU power
    • Health and alert indicators added to the full screen radar
    • Fixed corrupted display on certain video cards (eg. Intel Graphics Extreme)
    • In practice mode, the game pauses when you escape to menu
    • Various bug fixes
    Full list of changes are in the change log.
    Note:If you are a modem user, please delete your "multiplayer.conf" file and reselect your multiplayer settings. This is because the modem transmission rates have changed to provide a better multiplayer experience. Don't forget to save!
  • Linux version released!
    The Linux port is complete. Scroll down and grab it from the downloads section.
    Note: Server commands are entered via the terminal (as opposed to the server window on Win32 systems).
  • New version released!
    All the bugs caused by late-joiners have been fixed. In addition, warnings now show on the full-screen radar, and the special-config costs have changed. Details are in the change log.
  • To the Linux users out there: the game is compiling and you will see the port shortly!
  • The forum has been moved to since the old forums were slow and unreliable. Apologies to all those who have registered already, but you will have to register again in the new forums. As well, not all of the old posts made it to the new forum.
  • New version released!
    A small update has been made to the game. In particular, the bug causing certain players to be invisible is now fixed. Details are in the change log.
  • KingBufo in the forum created some unofficial Gate 88 icons for all to use. Check 'em out here and feel free to add some of your own!
  • New version released!
    Multiplayer games should run much smoother now. Details are in the change log.
    NOTE: all versions older than Sept27/04 of the game are incompatible and will crash when querying the server browser.
  • The chat room applet (at the top of this page) now works in Internet Explorer.
  • The game server will be down for awhile as I ready the new version of the game. Sorry!
  • Gate 88 now has its own IRC channel! Chat with fellow Gate 88 gamers or discuss any problems you might be having.
    Channel: #gate88
  • You can also join the chat room via the form at the top of this page. Just type in your nickname and then click "Chat!" You'll probably need the Java plug-in.
  • A inefficiency has been found in the server such that servers with less than optimal bandwidth will perform poorly. It's best to host 2 player games for now. Note: this will mean I will have to shutdown my server for awhile, however it does not stop you from hosting your own games.
  • The tutorial failed to mention some controls specific to multiplayer games. You can hold the "Tab" button to view current scores. Pressing "T" allows you to type chat messages.
  • The forums have been slow/flakey these few days. I will rectify these problems in the near future. For now you might have to reload the page a few times to "wake" it back up.